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Shwethaa Full Movie
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Shwetha and her friends who are studying para psychology make their way into a haunted bungalow to film the spirits for their project report. Shwetha sees a wooden box in the bungalow which she finds interesting which has Satanic symbols carved on it. Shwetha takes the box home and tries to open it but in vain. One night the box opens itself and the spirit hidden inside it comes out in the form of an horrifying insect and enters shwethas body through her mouth while she is asleep. It starts growing inside her body taking a form of an unusual creature. Now the only way to rescue Shwetha is to carve out the demonic creature from inside her body and trap it in the wooden box once again.Will she succeed? Will Shwetha survive ? what is the wooden (debuk) box all about ? To find out watch ” Shwethaa ” movie. ” this movie puts an entirely new spin on the concept horror. ” The whole movie revolves around Shwetha and the debuk box.

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