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Shenbaga Kottai Full Movie
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King Udayapandyan ruled some provinces of Tamil Nadu, 600 years ago. He fell in love with a huntress named Mathangi (Ramya Krishnan), married her and built her a bungalow near the forest. When Udayapandyan is defeated in a war, he takes shelter at Mathangis bungalow and she vows to take care of the king. She sacrifices her life before the deity Bhadrakali, to save the life of King Udayapandyan. However, Mathangis spirit continues to stay on and a yogi (Om Puri) performs certain rituals to rein in her spirit. When this myth continues, it affects the life of a well-known businessman Satyajith (Jayaram), who leads a happy life with his family.
Release Date: 16 Dec 2016
Directed: Kannan Thamarakkulamm
Music: Ratheesh Vegha
Genre: Horror, Thriller

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