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Junoon - Once Upon A Time In Calcutta Full Movie
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Nandini Ghosh is the Chief News Reporter of NT Networks. Top Communist leader Indraneel Majumdar is the MD of the channel. Bibha is also working in the channel who then becomes friendly with Nandini, who has her own secret mission and gets close to Majumdar to achieve her goal.
Som Deb, student union President of Kolkata University goes into hiding after being arrested by Police under the charge of sedition and is branded as an anti-national. Nandini and Bibha take him out and show his real patriotism to the nation. Majumdar has his own mission to spread Communism across India. To achieve this, he supplies arms to Naxals, arranges funds from foreign countries, kills people, extorts etc. Amidst this, elections in the state begin and ruling communists find it difficult to win as people are now against the atrocities of communist cadres. Nandini is also one of the victims of Naxal Movement. Her entire family was burnt alive and she was secretly raised by her fathers obedient driver in Darjeeling as his own daughter. After getting knowledge about her own truth, she comes to Kolkata to take her properties back and destroy communism from the nation

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